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My Big Break- Part 1
By RogerGirl

"For Wild On E!, this is Tiffany Diaz," I say as I sign off after shooting another episode of the revived series.  

"Great job, Tiff," my cameraman says.

"Thanks Doug," I reply.

 I walk to my trailer in my two-piece swimsuit and dust the sand off me.  I strip off my swimsuit and remove my wig, prosthetic breasts and vagina.  It feels so good getting these things off.  After putting on a pair of boxers, a t-shirt, and a pair of shorts, I sit down and remove my makeup, toe nail polish, and press-on nails.  Soon, Tiffany is gone and I am back to Tim, at least until the next episode.  You see, while in my everyday life I am a 26 year old man named Tim, with a wife and young son, the viewers only want to see my sexy female alter ego.  Sure, everyone knows I'm not a real woman and that Tiffany is only a character, but the viewers love her just the same.  Standing only 5'7" and being very thin, I must admit I make a pretty hot woman.  

 How did this all get started you may be wondering.  First off, I only dress as Tiffany for television.  Dressing as a woman is not, nor ever has been, a hobby of mine.  I own no female clothing of my own, nor do I ever plan to.  On the plus side, very few people ever recognize me when I am not dressed as Tiffany, so I am able to live my daily life without the constant pressure most celebrities face.  Despite my frequent complaints, becoming Tiffany has opened up opportunities I would have never been offered as Tim.  In my job I travel the world exploring hot spots and exotic locations, go to red carpet events, host interview shows, and have even been to some of the hottest celebrity parties on the planet.  So yes, as much as I hate the breasts, the skimpy clothing, and having to keep my body hairless all the time, I don't see myself getting rid of Tiffany any time soon.  

 To explain how this all got started, I must take you back 5 years to my first attempts to break into the industry.  I had just graduated college and was sharing an apartment in West Hollywood with 3 of my closest friends.  While neither of us were gay, the apartment we had found was pretty nice so we didn't really care.  We were all pretty liberal and had friends who were gay, so the culture didn't bother us.  We were each working in low paying jobs, making just enough to cover rent and getting monthly checks from our families to cover our other expenses.  We had all met in college in film and journalism classes and were each hoping to find jobs in the field.  Of course that was a lot harder than we expected.  

 I think it was Eddie who first suggested we start a website to get our names and faces out there.  The rest of us agreed and soon we had launched our website.  The purpose of the website was to shoot videos profiling local businesses and the plan was to expand from there.  Ultimately we hoped to get the chance to get into clubs so we could network and meet some people in the industry.  Of course getting our website off the ground was harder than we had thought.  We had no money so we couldn't hire anyone to work with us, all we had to work with was Doug's camera equipment, and not too many businesses were interested in inviting a bunch of nobodies to profile them.  

 This all changed, however, when a transformation salon opened in town.  The owner was very friendly and wanted to help us out, so she agreed to let us do a profile at the salon.  For the profile, one of us would first interview the owner and tour the salon, then we would be made over to demonstrate what the salon does.  Since Eddie and Jonas were at work and Doug was the only one who knew how to work the camera equipment, I was volunteered to go.  We arrived at the salon and after meeting the owner, Mara, the interview began.

"Hello, I am Tim Diaz and today I am at the Inner Beauty Transformation Salon," I begin to say, "This is the owner, Mara Vasquez.  Thank you for having us today, Mara."

"The pleasure is all mine," Mara says cheerfully.

"Well, first off," I continue, "Can you tell us a little about what you do here at the salon?"

"Of course," Mara replies, "The Inner Beauty Transformation Salon performs makeovers on men to bring out the woman hidden inside.  We have a variety of packages and design our makeovers to capture each client's personal style and make them appear as naturally feminine as possible."

 She proceeded to give us a tour of the salon and showed us everything she used for the transformations.  There were wigs, clothes, shoes, breast forms, a makeup station, and an area where clients were photographed after their makeovers.  

"Are you ready to see how the makeover process is done?" Mara asked.

"Yes, I'm ready," I reply.

 I wasn't really looking forward to being transformed into a woman, but I knew the rest of the guys were counting on me and it felt rude to turn down Mara's offer.  I decided to just go along with it all and try to enjoy it as much as possible.  I was being filmed after all.

"Before we begin," Mara stated, "We must first select your style.  You have a very natural beauty and have a nice figure.  How old are you?"

"I'm 21," I reply.

"Very good," Mara continues, "If you don't mind, I'd like to go with a style that is a little sexy."

 She instructed me to go into the back and strip off my clothing and gave me some items for removing my body hair and making my skin smooth.  Before long, my body was soft and hairless from the face down.  I put on a robe and returned to Mara for the next step in my transformation.  She sat me down and, after shaving what little hair I had on my face, began to apply my makeup, attach press-on nails, and paint my toenails.  As she made me over, I tried to catch a glimpse of my reflection, but there were no mirrors in sight.  

 When my makeup was finished and my nails were dry, Mara helped me put on the prosthetic vagina, off camera, and attach the prosthetic breasts.  The breasts were quite heavy and gave me a C cup.  She used some makeup to blend the edges and when I looked down I was surprised at how real they looked.  Next she helped me put on a black bra and matching thong and zipped me into a little black mini-dress.  She sat me back down and began working with a wig.  She used a wig cap and some wig glue to keep my wig in place and styled it to look like my real hair.  When she was satisfied, she sprayed on some perfume, and added a few pieced of jewelry, including some earrings since my ears were pierced.  Finally, she had me step into a pair of 5" heels.  

 She spent some time teaching me how to walk in the heels, speak like a girl, and move and sit like a woman.  I still wasn't very steady, but after a while I was able to walk around a little bit.  I felt a little strange by the way Doug was watching me while he filmed it all.    

"Now, before you see the new you," Mara said, "What shall we call you?"

"I don't know," I replied haven't really given it any thought.

"How about Tiffany?" she asked.

"Sure, Tiffany is fine," I answer.

 She leads me to a mirror that is covered by a curtain and when the curtain parts I saw a sexy girl staring back at me.  Her long brown hair was slightly wavy and framed her perfectly made up face.  The makeup brought out the sexiness of her eyes and made her lips look full and pouty.  The short dress left little to the imagination and highlighted her large perky breasts, her round ass, and her long tan legs.  She looked like one of the girls I fantasized about when my mother watched Univision or Telemundo.  Admittedly I was more than a little turned on by my own reflection.    

"Well, what do you think?" Mara asked.

"Wow," was all I could say.

 We proceeded to the back where I was instructed to do some sexy poses while Mara took photos.  At first I was very stiff and uncomfortable, but by the end she was able to get me to loosen up a little.  When it was over, I grabbed my microphone and Mara and I stood together for my sign off.

"Thank you Mara," I began, "So remember if you want to bring out your inner woman, come on over to the Inner Beauty Transformation Salon.  For, this is Tim, or should I say, Tiffany Diaz signing off."

 Doug turned off the camera and began to pack his equipment.  As I was about to go in the back to change, he got a phone call and called me over.

"No time," Doug said, "Jonas can't get to the pizza place for his piece.  You're gonna have to do it instead."

"I can't do it dressed like this," I argued.

"Sure you can," Doug responded, "This is West Hollywood.  Just do the interview in character."

 Reluctantly, I went with it and soon we were at the pizza place explaining to the owner that I would be doing the piece as Tiffany.  The owner turned out to be gay and had done his fair share of drag, so he didn't seem to mind.  When the interview began, he stood with his arm around my waist, but I ignored it and went on just the same.    

"Hello, I am Tiffany Diaz," I began trying to speak in the female voice I had practiced, "Tonight I am at Fusion Pizza with its owner Gio.  Gio, how is Fusion Pizza different than most pizza places"

"I'm glad you asked, Tiffany," Gio replied, "Here at Fusion Pizza we use an assembly line system and a variety of toppings you normally don't find on pizza.  That and we have a full bar."

 I followed Gio to the counter where he took a pizza crust and I began selecting toppings.  Not only did he have the usual pizza toppings, he also had toppings like teriyaki beef and chicken, eggplant, whole slices of bacon and scrambled eggs, gummy worms, and much more.  I selected several of the more unique toppings and sat down at a table to talk to Gio and drink a martini while we waited for the pizza to cook.  With the short dress and the press-on nails, I was forced to sit differently and hold my martini differently than I did as Tim.  When the pizza was ready, I even ate differently, taking a small bite so as not to mess up my makeup, and dabbing my face with a napkin.  

"Well, I have to say, that was both delicious and a little unexpected," I said taking the microphone again, "So if you're in the mood for pizza, but looking for something new, then come on down to Fusion Pizza.  You'll be glad you did.  For, this is Tiffany Diaz signing off."
 After the interview, I thanked Gio again while Doug packed up.  Soon, we had returned to Mara and I was back to Tim again and we headed to our apartment.  As we edited the footage, the guys all thanked me for filling in and soon the videos were posted on the site.  What I wasn't prepared for, however, was the sudden increase in visitors to the website.  It seems Gio had spread the word that our website had a hot young drag reporter and soon people were personally requesting Tiffany to come and profile their businesses.  While our website had originally been free, as more and more videos of Tiffany were posted, we switched to a subscription based service and before long we were actually making money.  Mara continued to perform my transformations and even taught me how to do my own makeup.  Surprisingly, the guys did not take advantage of the situation and never forced me to become Tiffany outside of the interviews.  They knew I was their ticket to success and made sure I was always happy.  
When Tim and his friends start a website where they post videos profiling new local venues, they have trouble getting the website going.  That all changes, however, when Tim gets a male to female makeover into Tiffany for a profile at a local transformation salon.  After his makeover he is forced to profile a local pizza place in drag and soon their website is booming and businesses are demanding to be profiled by the hot new reporter.   
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