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Pleasing the Client
By RogerGirl

"Mr. Fitzpatrick, could I see you in my office please?" my boss Joel says one afternoon.

"Yes, Mr. Simmons?" I ask as I enter his office.

"Please, sit down Noah," he begins, "We have an important potential client that we are looking to sign in Los Angeles.  Signing him would bring millions of dollars to the company.  I'd like to send you to Los Angeles this weekend to woo him?'

"Wow, that's great sir," I say, "Don't worry I won't let you down."

"I'm sure you won't," he continues, "but there is one other thing.  This client has a secret affinity for special girls.  Girls like Naomi.  Unfortunately, with his career he can't let this kind of thing become public knowledge.  I would like you go go to him as Naomi.  You will be given a company ID and your hotel reservations have already been made in this name."

"But, Mr. Simmons," I begin nervously, "I don't know if I can do this.  What if I am caught?  I don't want to do anything that will ruin his reputation."

"Don't worry Noah," Joel replies calmly, "When I saw you that night, there was nothing to suggest you weren't a real woman, and quite an attractive woman at that.  I may be stepping out of line here, but I can only imagine you've gotten much more convincing since then."

"I have," I say shyly.

"It's settled then," he continues, "I've already spoken with Tina and we've sent all your luggage to the hotel.  All you have to do is transform yourself into Naomi the morning of your flight.  You will be picked up in my private limo and driven to the airport where you will be flown to Los Angeles in my private jet."

 I stumble out of his office and back to my desk in a daze.  This is what I have been dreaming of since I first became Naomi.  Of course I eventually gave in to my urges and would often join Joel in private, but for so long I have longed for the chance to step out into public as Naomi once again and finally I will have that chance.  The next few days go by in a blur as I begin to mentally prepare for my trip.  I have already been photographed for Naomi's ID and what felt like a dream only a few days ago now feels more and more like reality as I see Naomi's pretty face on her new company ID card.  Of course to avoid my secret coming out around the office, Joel used my middle name, Tyler, as Naomi's last name.  Being the boss, he has certain powers to make it look like Naomi is a real employee at the company.  

 Finally, the morning of my trip arrives, and Tina and I are busy with last minute preparations for my trip.  Tina has been amazingly supportive through this all and even supports my cross-dressing, although she hasn't dressed as a man since the party.  When the limo arrives, I grab my purse and step out of the house as Naomi for the first time since the party.  I am wearing a long blonde wig that falls in thick waves on my shoulders.  My face is made up in a manner that is professional, yet at the same time very sexy.  I am wearing a tight low cut blouse that does nothing to hide my ample cleavage.  My pencil skirt is tight, yet professional, and ends just above the knee.  Under my clothing I am wearing a black bra, matching bikini panties, black stockings, and suspenders.  On my feet are a pair of 5" black opened toed heels and you can just make out my polished nails through the tips of my stockings.  

"Good morning Miss Tyler," the driver Roger says as he reaches out to take my hand, "You look quite lovely this morning."

"Thank you Roger," I reply as I offer him my small ladylike hand with its long red painted nails.  

 Roger helps me into the car and I sit with my legs crossed.  He closes the door and I begin to look around the limo.  Sure I've been in a limo when I went to prom, but this is different.  A bottle of champagne is chilling in ice and a glass has been poured for me.  I don't normally drink in the morning, but today I am feeling so happy I decide to go for it and take a sip.  As we drive to the airstrip, Roger chats with me casually.  Although he knows my true identity, he refers to me and treats me as the woman I appear to be.  Roger is very loyal to Joel and has been very good at keeping all his secrets throughout his many years of service.  

 When we arrive at the airstrip, Roger helps me out of the limo and we are met by Joel.  He kisses my hand and tells me how gorgeous I look.  I blush at his compliment and thank him.  Together we board his private jet, where we are met by the captain, Stan, co-captain, Frank, and two beautiful flight attendants in sexy uniforms, Monique and Natasha.  Surprisingly, these flight attendants are also ladies like myself.  If I was not dressed the way I am, I would never believe these two gorgeous woman are really men.  They guide us to our seats and soon we are in the air.  Once it is safe to remove our seat belts, I find myself in Joel's lap and we are making out in a passionate embrace.  Sure I am comfortable working together with Joel as a man in the office, but now that I am Naomi, all my old feelings have come rushing back.    

 Surprisingly, Monique and Natasha are in a similar position not far from us.  Watching the two sexy girls, I find myself turned on even more.  After all, I am still attracted to women.  As I watch the girls remove their tops and bras and their very realistic breasts press together, I feel the urge to take things further with Joel.  We begin to remove each other's clothes and soon I am straddling him once again wearing only my stockings, suspenders, and heels.  He begins kissing my soft breasts, bare shoulders, and slender neck as I this time allow his huge cock into my artificial vagina.  Sure it is not as satisfying as sex with a real vagina, but I'm not ready for him to enter my ass just yet.  I turn again and see Monique on her knees sucking on Natasha's tiny cock and I begin to cum.  

 Our pleasure is interrupted, however, when the captain announces that we will be arriving soon.  Sadly, the four of us begin to get dressed and take turns using the bathroom to clean ourselves up and for me to wash out my vagina.  I return to my seat looking professionally once again and fasten my seat belt as we prepare to land.  I look over at Monique and Natasha and they are now dressed in sexy mini-dresses and heels.  Like me they are wearing prosthetic vaginas just in case we run into any paparazzi.  When the plane lands, Joel takes my hand and I am led to a limo where a large bodyguard is standing.  Monique and Natasha follow behind us holding hands.  Joel tells me that the two of them are a couple and are engaged to be married.  

The bodyguard checks our IDs and lets us into the limo.  We settle inside, and to my surprise I see Brandon Grayson sitting with a grin on his face.  He is wearing a pair of baggy jeans, a Lakers jersey, and a baseball cap.  If you who don't know who Brandon Grayson is, then you're probably not a teenage girl.  Brandon, who recently turned 22, is a pop singer and the celebrity crush of teenage girls all over the world, or Branatics as they are known as.  I have to admit he is cute in a boyish way, but he isn't really my type.  I prefer my men strong and rugged like Joel.  Brandon, on the other hand, looks like he has never had to shave a day in his life.  Of course I understand how important it would be to the company to sign a client like Brandon Grayson, so I will try my best to win him over.  

"Mr. Grayson," Joel begins, "I'd like to thank you for giving us this opportunity.  Hopefully this goes well and we can begin a long partnership.  This is Naomi Tyler, my top agent."

"Well, I'm still going over my possibilities," Brandon says as he puts his arms around Monique and Natasha, who sit on either side of him, "but so far I have to say your chances are looking good.  Although not as good as you look right now, baby."

"Thank you, Mr. Grayson," I reply trying to remain professional.  

"Please, call me Brandon," he says while looking me over.  

 The limo drops us off at our hotel and Monique, Natasha, and I check into our rooms.  Joel, of course, will be staying at his mansion in Beverly Hills.  I find out that Monique and Natasha will be sharing a room and that I will have a large suite all to myself.  The man at the desk informs us that our luggage is already in our rooms so I return to the limo while Monique and Natasha go up to their room.  Once back in the limo, Brandon turns his attention to me now that Monique and Natasha are gone.  I begin going over our company and the benefits of signing with us, but it is clear that Brandon is in no mood to talk business.  He begins rubbing my leg and starts kissing me as Joel sits by going through paperwork.  Kissing Brandon feels like kissing a girl.  His face and lips are so soft and his kisses are so delicate.  Sure I like women, but when I kiss a man I want to feel like I'm kissing a man.  I want to feel his stubble on my face and his skin to be a little rough.  I expect a man to be in control and to make me feel powerless in his strong arms, but Brandon is so submissive I am forced to be the dominant one.  Even his voice sounds like a woman and his penis is so small I can barely feel it when I rub his crotch.  How could so many girls fall for a man so girly.  

 The limo drops us off at his mansion where we are served a lunch prepared by his private chef.  Throughout lunch we try to make our presentation, but once again he is more interested in me.  He asks me out to dinner and reluctantly I agree.  Despite his interest in me, he still seems no closer to signing the contract.  Maybe going on a date with him will win him over.  Joel and I get back into Brandon's limo and after dropping Joel off at his mansion, I soon find myself back at the hotel.  I go up to my room and take a shower, then begin the process of getting ready for my date.  I put on my favorite little black dress and go to work on my hair and makeup.  With my hair and makeup finished, I add a few pieces of jewelry and spray some perfume.  When I get a call from the front desk informing me that the limo has arrived, I put on a pair of 6" heels and grab my purse.  

 I go downstairs and Brandon's driver helps me into the limo.  Brandon compliments me on how I look and I thank him.  He is wearing a suit, but still looks quite boyish.  He begins kissing me again and touching my bare thighs.  I climb onto his lap hoping he will take charge, but even in this tiny dress I still feel like the man here as once again I am forced to take control.  It's going to be hard to keep this up all night.  How am I supposed to act like I'm interested in him when he gives me so little to work with?

 We arrive at the restaurant and Brandon grabs my hand as his bodyguard leads us through a crowd of paparazzi.  The dinner is very delicious, but I find myself bored trying to continue to feign interest in Brandon.  Yet, I know how much this means to Joel so I push through.  After dinner we push our way back through the crowd of paparazzi and head back to my hotel.  

"Can I come up?" Brandon asks.

"Sure," I reply trying to hide my true feelings.

 We go up to my room and begin to kiss.  I let my dress fall to the floor and begin removing Brandon's clothes.  As I see him standing before me in just his boxers, I try to hide my disappointment by kissing him again.  His body is so skinny and he has such sparse body hair.  I push him onto the bed and pull down his boxers.  His penis, even erect, is so small and puny.  As I begin to pleasure him, my disappointment grows as I quickly discover how bad he is in bed.  He soon cums before we even barely begin.  I roll off of him and we lie together in silence.

"Sorry," he says a little shyly.

 Suddenly his cell phone begins to ring.  He answers the phone and I see a wave of terror come over his face.  He hangs up the phone and lets it fall to the floor as tears begin to roll down his face.

"What's wrong?" I ask concerned.

"That was my agent," he says as I try to dry his tears, "My driver let it leak that I was in a hotel room with a tranny.  My career is over."

"Maybe not," I say as I begin to form an idea in my mind, "If I can get you out of this, will you sign with us?"

"Yes, of course," he replies, "but I don't see how you can fix this."

"Well, if I can get you back to your mansion without anyone seeing you," I begin to say, "then you can probably get the media to think it is just a rumor made up by a bitter employee trying to get attention for himself."

"Yeah, I might," he says, "but how am I going to get out of the hotel?  The exits are covered by paparazzi."

"You just leave that to me," I say, "You will have to do everything I say though.  Understand?"

"Yes, ma am," he answers.

 After calling Joel to pick us up, I take him to the bathroom get him into the shower.  I get my shaving gel and razor and begin shaving off all of his body hair.  He didn't have much body hair to begin with, but now his skin is even softer and smoother than before.  As he finishes his shower, I remove my wig and prosthetics.  I help him dry off and attach the breast forms to his chest.  He looks unsure, but goes along with it.  Once the breasts are firmly in place and blended to his skin, I help him put on the vagina.  Luckily we wear the same size clothing, so after helping him put on his bra, I begin removing my makeup and nail polish.  It isn't long before I am Noah again, and I change into Brandon's suit.  Once I am dressed, I return to Brandon, who is now wearing a bra, thong, and one of my sexiest mini-dresses.  Unfortunately for Brandon, the only clothes I have with me are sexy ones.

 I sit him down and begin working on his nails and makeup.  With his soft features, he already looks like a pretty girl even with his short hair.  Finally, I go to work putting the wig on his head, adding some jewelry and spraying on some perfume.  I help him into a pair of 5" heels and stand back to admire my work.  He stands before me teetering around in his heels with an uncomfortable look on his face.  While he was not much to look at as a boy, he is beyond gorgeous as a woman.  As I look over my creation, I feel my penis begin to grow and it takes all my restraint not to bend him over and fuck him right there on the table.  Being dressed as a man again, all of my masculine urges have come rushing back and I can hold back no longer.  I grab him and pull him in for a kiss.  He tries to resist at first, but soon he is putty in my arms.  We make out passionately as he submits completely to his femininity.  Our kissing leads us to the bed where I soon find myself with my rock hard penis in his cute little ass.

"Oh, Noah," he moans, "Fuck me!  Fuck me hard!" 

 What would his Branatics think if they could see him now on his hands and knees with his panties around his ankles letting out soft girly moans while being taken forcefully from behind by a man.  I quickly release my load inside him and soon we are making out again as we lie together on the bed.

"That was incredible," he purrs in a sweet sexy voice.

"Anything for a client, Brandon," I say as we kiss again.

"Call me Brandi," he says seductively.

 Before we can go for another round, I get a call from Joel telling me he is waiting downstairs.  I take Brandi's hand and we head downstairs.  Brandi is nervous at the prospect of being discovered and she squeezes my hand tight.  We pass through the paparazzi with relative ease and make our way to the limo.  

"Who was that?" I hear one of the paparazzi ask another.

"Probably just some spoiled rich kid and his slut girlfriend," the other guy replies, "Don't worry about them, we're here for Brandon."

 We get into the limo and I can't help but laugh at their comments.  If only they knew they just let their prize walk right past them.  The limo drives off as Joel looks in shock at Brandon's transformation.  Brandi cozies up to me and thanks me with a kiss.  It isn't long before we are making out again and my hands are all over those sexy smooth legs of hers.  She is definitely much better at this when she is playing the female role.  When we arrive at Joel's mansion, Brandi and I have sex one more time before I change him back and we take him back to his mansion.  The next morning he signs the contract after discovering our plan has worked.  His driver is quickly discredited by the media and Brandon fires him.  Brandon's reputation remains in tact and his secret remains safe with us.  

 It has been two years since we signed Brandon and we have both made each other a lot of money.  Joel has opened a new L.A. office and I was selected to run it.  Tina, unfortunately, wanted to stay in New York to remain close to her family.  We tried making the long distance work for a while, but eventually we broke up while remaining friends.  I've seen been forced to cut down on my time spent as Naomi with my busy schedule running the office and dealing with clients.

 That being said, I haven't given up dressing entirely.  With full access to Joel's mansion, I am able to carry on my dressing in secret.  When Joel is in town, we often get together for a little private time with me as Naomi.  Of course, I still have to fulfill my masculine side and Brandon has been more than happy becoming Brandi time and again to fill those needs.  I guess you can say I've become a Branatic too.             
It has been a year since The Office Party, and Noah has settled in pretty well into his new job.  He continues to dress as Naomi in secret and has gotten pretty good at playing a woman.  Despite this, he has been afraid to try anything with a man again, although he desperately wants to.  One day Joel comes to him asking him to go to Los Angeles to bring in a potential client.  There is one stipulation, however, this client has a certain attraction toward girls like Naomi.  
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