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The Mean Girl
By RogerGirl

 Victoria stepped into the hall and smiled as all eyes fell on her.  She was done playing second fiddle and now that she was a senior and Kelly had graduated, the school was hers.  Sure she may have been ignored and seen as a nerd the rest of the year.  With his thick glasses and skinny body none of the girls wanted to be with him.  Sure nobody picked on him or ever treated him cruelly, but kindness didn't translate into popularity.  Girls were nice to him and called him sweet, but none of them had any interest in being his girlfriend.  He thought he may have had something with Pippa, the exchange student from Australia, but she only saw him as a friend and she was nice to everybody.  

 During Swap Week, however, nobody called Victoria a nerd.  When she replaced her glasses with contacts, put on her makeup, and dressed up in her sexy outfits she suddenly became pretty popular.  All the guys wanted her and all the girls were her friend.  Dozens of guys wanted to be her boyfriend and she liked being the center of attention.  Sure Victor wasn't gay, he liked girls and had no interest in guys, but during Swap Week none of that mattered.  She felt wanted and that was all that mattered.  

 Although she started out innocent enough and was quite friendly in her first couple Swap Weeks, as her popularity grew so did her ego.  She quickly fell in with a group of girls led by Kelly and made several friends.  She became quite close to a few of the girls and for a while they were best friends.  For those first few Swap Weeks, Victoria, Jennifer, and Zoey were inseparable.  Unfortunately, as Victoria became more and more obsessed with her popularity, her behavior pushed the other girls away.  Zoey grew fed up with it all and decided to become an outcast this year.  She shaved part of her head, dyed her hair purple, got a bunch of piercings and showed up to school in dark clothes and dark makeup.  She no longer wanted anything to do with campus hierarchy and retreated into a world of solitude.  

 Jennifer, however, unwittingly remained popular, but had formed a new social group in Kelly's absence.  She didn't want to fight with Victoria and the other girls from her group who were tired of Victoria's bitchiness went with her.  She even got the new girl Nicole to join her group.  The rest of the girls in their group stuck with Victoria.  This loyalty wasn't because they necessarily liked her, it was because they feared her.  They definitely didn't want to get on her bad side.  

 As Victoria walked through the hall, she suddenly spotted her ex-boyfriend Nathan with the new girl, Nicole, and a look of pure evil came over her face.  This Nicole was definitely a problem for her.  Not only were they stuck together as co-captains on the cheer squad, but now she had stolen her man as well.  If she didn't put an end to this, this chick was going to be voted queen of the Swap Week dance over her.  Victoria was not going to let that happen and had to take her out.  

 A plan began to form in her mind as she watched in rage as the two of them kissed.  She spotted Nicole's smart phone and made her move.  With Nicole distracted, it wasn't difficult to steal her phone.  Victor was the smartest kid in school and a master of computers, so it wasn't difficult for Victoria to hack Nicole's phone and find Nick's Facebook account.  

"Well, well," she thought to herself, "I wonder what will happen when everyone at Nick's old school get a look at Nicole."

 She went through Nicole's photos and changed Nick's profile picture to a photo of Nicole in her bikini.  She laughed to herself as she logged out and put the phone back without Nicole noticing.  Victoria knew there was no way Nicole would ever show her face again after her friends back home got a look at that photo.  She would be forced to end her Swap Week early and go back to Nick. leaving Victoria to reclaim her throne.  Victoria put on her fake smile as she continued walking down the hall.  
In this vignette you will be introduced to Victoria, a character you will meet when I release the expanded full novel version of Swap Week.  Victoria will quickly become Nicole's rival and tormentor, but before then here is a quick look at the character.  Look out for the full novel to find out what happens next.
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