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The Variable
By RogerGirl

 The alarm goes off and I wake up as usual.  Back to work at the same old office.  My girlfriend is still asleep next to me, so I make sure not to wake her up as I get out of bed.  I head to the bathroom and reach in my boxers to take a piss.  Well, that's different.  My dick is gone.  Wait, what the hell?  I turn on the bathroom light and stare at my reflection in the mirror.  It still looks like me.  My hair is still short and I still have my masculine features, but I now have boobs and a vagina.  

"Babe, wake up," I shout as I run back into the bedroom, "I'm a woman."

"Yeah, I know," my girlfriend says annoyed, "Tell me something I don't know.  Now can I go back to sleep?"

"Don't you find it weird that I'm a woman?" I ask confused.

"Don't tell me you're suddenly into dudes," she replies, "You're the biggest dyke I know.  You slept with half the girls at our high school and most of them weren't even gay.  You probably haven't worn a dress since you were five."

 She goes back to sleep and I begin looking through the closet and dresser.  All of my clothes are the same including my boxers, except I also have bras now.  Well, I guess I'm what they call a butch lesbian.  I look around for more clues and it seems I have the same job and we still have a kid together.  The only thing that is different is my gender.  Well, this is interesting.  

 Not knowing what else to do, I take a shower and get dressed in my usual work clothes.  The drive to work is very much the same, I still have my truck.  At work I still have the same friends and the same position I had as a man.  Curious, I decide to see if it is only my girlfriend that doesn't notice my changes or if the rest of the world has always known me as a woman as well.

"Hey Dave," I say as my best friend since grade school enters the office.  

"Hey Miles," he replies, "Are we still going to the game this weekend?"

"Yeah man," I respond finding it strange that he called me Miles, "Listen there's something I have to tell you.  I'm a woman."

"What's wrong with you Miles," he says, "You've never had a problem with me calling you Miles before.  In fact you're the one who told me to call you that.  Only your mom calls you Miley."

"Nah, man," I respond trying to play it off, "I'm just messing with you."

 I watch as Dave begins to laugh and heads off to his desk.  Well, I guess even as a woman I'm still seen as one of the guys.  At lunch we go out and I run into one of my ex-girlfriends.  By the way she is acting around me, it's clear that hasn't changed either.  

Miles wakes up one morning as a woman.  The rest of his life, however, remains the same.  He still has the same job, same house, same girlfriend, same kid, and same interests.  The only thing that is different is his gender and the fact that his girlfriend and ex-girlfriends are now lesbians.  
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February 5, 2014


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