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I have posted the full, extended version of Swap Week for sale at the link below. Unlike the version posted on here, this version contains scenes and characters not included in the online version.  There is also more conflict for Nicole as she encounters a mean girl rival and we also meet other characters including Nick's ex-girlfriend and several other teachers and friends.…
My new story, "The Assignment," is now complete.  Check it out and let me know what you think.
Hey, everyone.  I'm working on a few different stories right now, so that's why many of the new stories are currently unfinished.  Right now I'm trying to get a start on each of my ideas and will be eventually finishing each of them over the next few months.  The stories in progress are "Country Girl," "The Tomboy," "Maid of Honor," "Regina's Return," and "The Assignment."
The final chapters of "Valentine's Switch" have been posted, and I plan to finish "Maid of Honor" soon.  If you have any ideas for new stories or things you'd like to see in upcoming stories, let me know.
I've posted a new short series called "Roommates."  The series is three chapters long and features Reggie who becomes the new roommate of Marcus from the "Valentine's Switch" series.  In the coming weeks I will be posting the final chapters of "Valentine's Switch" and "Maid of Honor."  Let me know what you think of the stories and if you have any ideas for further stories.
The "Spring Break" series is now complete and I've also posted a story I wrote a while back called "Boy's Night."  I plan to finish "Maid of Honor" and "Valentine's Switch" soon and also posted a short story about Reggie, a new roommate who moves in to Marcus' apartment.  The story takes place after "Valentine's Switch" and Allen and Jamie have already graduated from college and moved out of the apartment across the hall.  Reggie is straight, but is OK with having a gay roommate who enjoys cross-dressing.  Reggie turns down Marcus' offers to dress him as a girl until Reggie's girlfriend breaks up with him before Halloween.  That story will be posted soon.
Most of the "Spring Break" series chronicling Eric and Danny's adventures dressing as Erica and Danielle has been posted, as well as much of the companion series chronicling their girlfriends' adventures as boys across the country.  Also featured in these stories are Nick, who is the main character from the "Swap Week" and "Maid of Honor" stories, and Jamie and Anna, who were featured in "Womanless Pageant," "Steven's Story," and "Valentine's Switch."  There will be one more chapter of Eric and Danny's story, two more chapters of their girlfriends' story, and a final chapter to conclude both stories.  After these series are completed, I plan to finish the "Maid of Honor" and "Valentine's Switch" series.  I will also be posting a short story I wrote a while back, but forgot to post on here.  Also, I am still look for artists to create illustrations for my stories or just short comic strips showing one of the character's transformations.  If you are interested let me know.  Enjoy the stories and I look forward to your comments.
The second chapter of "Spring Break" is up.  More chapters of this series and "Maid of Honor" to come.
The final chapters of the Swap Week series have been posted.  Check them out and share your comments.  Not sure yet if I will make a Part 2, although Part 2 would be much shorter.  Also feel free to create your own images of characters or scenes from any of my stories.  Might make an art contest soon where you create your own Swap Week identity.
Hey everyone, I hope you're enjoying the Swap Week series.  There are two more chapters left for me to post chronicling Nick's final day as Nicole, his return to Nick, and an epilogue.  Feel free to leave comments (good or bad) on your thoughts on the story.  Also, if anyone wants to provide any illustrations for this story or for my previous stories let me know.  They can be for the entire story or for single scenes.  Comic versions of my stories are cool too.
Hey everyone, In the next few days I will be posting a new story called Swap Week.  The rest of Valentine's Switch will be posted in February and the Spring Break story will be posted in the spring.  Enjoy Swap Week and I look forward to your comments.  Also, if anyone wants to submit any art or illustrations depicting scenes or characters from any of my stories let me know.
Womanless Pageant
by Rogergirl

Allen was at his girlfriend Jamie's house one Friday after school. Her parents were away for the weekend, so they went to her bedroom to do their homework and relax. Jamie was 18 and was a varsity cheerleader and in the student council. She was 5'7" with medium length blonde hair, a nice tan, and slender body from years of cheerleading. Allen was also 18 and was on the swim team and was 5'8" and thin without much muscle, no prominent Adam's apple, long brown hair, and a body he kept shaven for swim.
Jamie was working on her laptop when she looked up hesitantly at Allen.
"Allen, I was wondering if you could do me a favor?" she said.
"Sure, what is it?" he answered.
"Well, one of the events student council is doing this year is a womanless pageant and one of the contestants dropped out, so we need someone to fill his spot," Jamie said nervously.
"Are you asking me to enter the pageant?" Allen replied shocked.
"Please, do it for me. Besides no one will make fun of you, the other contestants are all athletes. Even the varsity QB is in it. It's just for fun," she said.
"OK, I guess I'll do it for you. When is it?" Allen said.
"Uh, tomorrow night, but don't worry, we're about the same size so you can use some of my clothes...which reminds me I need to borrow one of your suits, some casual clothes, and your tux from formal cause the girls will be escorting the contestants dressed as guys."
The next day they met at Jamie's to get ready.
"First, though I need you to strip and I'll get you some underwear. Luckily your already smooth and shave your body so that will save time."
Allen proceeded to remove his clothes until he was standing there naked. Jamie rubbed a moisturizing lotion over his body to soften his skin, then pulled out a matching bra and panty set and handed them to Allen. Allen pulled up the panties and looked down and noticed a bulge. Jamie noticed this and came over and pulled down his panties then tucked his balls and taped back his penis, then pulled the panties back up. Allen looked down and saw he had a smooth front. Next she attached breast forms assuring him she would remove them after the show and put some makeup on to blend the edges giving him convincing cleavage, then put on his bra. He looked at himself in the mirror and was shocked at what he saw. With his long hair and thin tanned hairless body he looked like a pretty cute girl with a sexy body.  He also felt strange adjusting to the added weight on his chest.  
"OK time to do your hair, nails and makeup," Jamie said, also surprised at how much of a girl he looked.
Jamie pulled him over to the vanity and began styling his shoulder length hair. Then she painted his finger and toe nails and began to work on his makeup while they dried. First she plucked a few stray hairs on his eyebrows then applied eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, and blush. When she was finished Allen looked into the mirror and couldn't believe his eyes. Staring back at him was the hottest girl he'd ever seen.  His long brown hair, normally loose and tangled was now shaped and delicately framed his pretty face.  He had beautiful long lashes and soft pouty lips.  Allen sat staring at his reflection in a daze, thinking he looked somewhat like Jennifer Love Hewitt in Heartbreakers.
"OK, time to get dressed," Jamie said, "You're gonna be wearing a few different outfits tonight, but here's what you'll be wearing for the first round."
She handed him a short black dress. He unzipped it pulling it up and slipping his arms through the straps. Jamie helped him zip it up then handed him a pair of 3" heels. He sat down at put them on.  He got up and looked in the mirror again.  The girl staring back at him looked incredible with her stunning beauty, impressive cleavage, and long sexy legs which were prominently on display as the dress ended at mid-thigh.  
"Wow you look hot," Jamie said smiling, "Practice walking in those while I get ready."
While Allen practiced walking in the heels Jamie went to the other bedroom to change into Allen's suit. First she removed all her clothes then binded her chest to hide her breasts. She put on a pair of Allen's boxers and a wife beater then tied put some gel in her hair then combed it back in a boyish style and removed her makeup, thickened her eyebrows and sideburns using techniques she learned from helping with several school plays and put on a fake mustache. She had already removed her nail polish and cut her nails earlier to save time. She put on a pair of black socks then put on the suit pants. Next she put on the white dress shirt and tucked it into the pants. She put on a tie and suit jacket then put on the dress shoes. Finally she put on a fedora to complete the look. She looked in the mirror and thought she looked pretty good.
When she returned to her room Allen was walking around in the heels. He was doing better, but still looked a bit clumsy. Allen stared at Jamie stunned at how much like a boy she looked.  Jamie caught his glance then walked over and sprayed a bit of perfume and put some jewelry on him, earrings, as he had pierced ears, a small chain necklace, and her class ring.  She stood back and admired her work then gathered everything Allen would need for the talent, evening wear, and swimsuit rounds and took it to the car.  After putting everything in the car she went back upstairs to get Allen.  When she walked in the room Allen was practicing a sexy walk and model poses in front of the mirror.  Jamie stood watching him lustfully for a moment in silence, then shook it off and walked in.
"Alright, it looks like your doing pretty well in those shoes. Oh we're gonna need a girl name for you tonight. How does Ally sound?"
"Sounds good, I guess," Allen replied trying to sound like a girl, "And you can be James."
"Ooh I like that," Jamie replied enthusiastically, "Just for fun let's try seeing what it's like to be in the opposite role while we're dressed like this."
"Sure why not, I suppose it could be interesting," Allen replied.
James grabbed her hand and pulled Ally over to the mirror.  Together they stared in shock at the cute couple staring back at them, taking in their switched positions. They were flooded with emotion as they stood transfixed until they realized it was time to go. James handed Ally a purse for effect and took her hand and walked her downstairs and outside to the car. James opened the car door for Ally like a gentleman then closed it and got in on the driver's side. He started the car and pulled out of the driveway. On the drive there James nervously stole glances at the sexy girl sitting next to him, admiring her long shapely legs, the hint of cleavage showing at the top of her dress, and her pretty face as she smiled nervously back at him. James began to feel confused by the flood of emotions he was experiencing. On the other side, Ally was feeling the same way, sitting with her legs crossed and feeling the weight of her breasts as she glanced timidly at James. They shook it off as they pulled into the parking lot. It was then they began to wonder if maybe they had done too good a job and what other people might think.
"We don't have to do this if you don't want to Ally," James said.
Ally sat hesitant, but answered, "I know, but we've gone this far, I think I'll do it."
James smiled then they got out of the car and James helped Ally carry all her clothes and stuff for the pageant into the auditorium hallway. They found the dressing room they were assigned and arranged everything for each round. After everything was arranged they lined up with the other contestants and their escorts.
When they got in line they noticed a mix of looks. Some of the contestants looked like guys in drag, a few looked decent, and a couple, including the QB looked pretty hot. Everyone was pretty nice and joking in a friendly manner. They were all surprised to see how good Allen and Jamie looked and everyone complimented each other on their looks.
Soon the pageant began and each contestant was introduced. Soon it was Ally's turn and she took a deep breath, locked arms with James and walked down the catwalk to the stage. Everyone cheered and Ally began to feel more comfortable. When she got on stage Ally sat down with the other "girls" and James stood with the other "boys" to co-host. After everyone was on stage they played some music as all the "girls" stood and they all loosened up a bit and began dancing jokingly with each other.
After that they exited the stage to change for the swimsuit round. Ally put on a two-piece string bikini, a pair of strappy heeled sandals, and grabbed a small pink beachball. When it was her turn to come on stage she got some whistles from the crowd and began to feel more comfortable. James then came over and asked her what her favorite thing to do in the summer was. While asking the question, James put his arm around Ally's waist and gently stroked her smooth soft skin.
"My favorite thing to do in the summer is tan and head to the beach with my girls," Ally answered trying to sound cute, getting a laugh from the audience.
For the talent round, Ally put on Jamie's cheer uniform and did a cheer on stage with Steve the QB, who was going by Stacy and wearing his girlfriend's uniform, and also made a pretty hot cheerleader. After they did their cheer they hugged jokingly like girls do.  
For the final round Ally put on a black strapless bra matching panties, stockings, suspenders, and a garter belt. Then she put on Jamie's dress from winter formal which had a slit that went up her thigh and showed alot of leg. She finished the look with some earrings and a pair of black high heels.
When she was introduced with the rest of the finalists, Stacy, who was wearing a pink dress, and Ron, who was on the basketball team and was going by Veronica and was wearing a light blue dress, she glanced over and noticed James and the other "boys" in their tuxedos. She felt weird as she began thinking James looked pretty good. She snapped out of it when she was asked her question.
"Ally, if you were in charge of the school what would you change?"
Ally answered her question, but was somewhat lost in self reflection as she answered it.
When it came time to announce the winner the girls locked arms and wished each other good luck. Veronica came in third placed and Ally and Stacy gave her a hug.
"And in second place is...Stacy."
When she heard this Ally became excited and Stacy hugged her to congratulate her. Ally was happy she got to experience this as James placed the tiara on her head and handed her the bouquet. At that moment she thought to herself that this must be what it feels like to be prom queen.
After the pageant people from the audience came up to congratulate her and tell her how good she looked. They laughed a little when she began to blush at all the compliments. After the "girls" all posed for pictures and Ally posed for a picture with James, then they went off to their dressing rooms to change. James came in with her and shut the door behind him.
"Wow, you did so good tonight, aren't you glad you did it?"
"Actually, yeah I am, it was fun to see what it's like to be a girl for a day," Ally answered.
"Well, the day's not over yet," James said with a look in his eyes.
James locked the door then pulled Ally close and kissed her on the lips. Ally opened her mouth and James put his tongue in as they stood kissing passionately, Ally lifting her leg into the air. James reached around and unzipped Ally's dress letting it fall to the floor. James led Ally to the couch and knelt down taking off Ally's heels, then gently rolling the stockings off her legs. Next he slid down the garter belt and suspenders and guided Ally up gently by her chin as they kissed again.
James leaned her against a wall and Ally wrapped her legs around James as James kissed her neck. Enjoying the experience of being the girl Ally whispered in James' ear and unwrapped her legs. She took off her bra and earrings and led James back to the couch.
James took off his jacket, shirt and bow tie then took off his shoes, socks and pants, until he was standing in just his boxers and undershirt staring at the beautiful girl with the amazing breasts who was staring back at him with a lustful look in her eye while biting her lip wearing just her panties lying stretched out on the couch. At that moment James felt every inch a male and he knew he had to have her.  He sat down and began kissing her body as he ran his hand up and down her thigh. James loved how soft and smooth Ally's skin felt as his hands explored her body.  Ally moaned in pleasure feeling very feminine.  They no longer felt like Allen and Jamie in drag, but a handsome guy named James with a sexy cheerleader girlfriend named Ally.  
"I love you Ally."
"I love you too James," Ally replied seductively.
As they lay spooning on the couch, James running his hands over Ally's body, he said, "I got some clothes for you to wear home in that bag, after everyone is gone we'll sneak out of here and to the car."
Ally went over to the bag and pulled out the clothes inside. She put on the bra and matching panties, a short denim skirt that went to mid thigh, and a tank top that showed off her sexy stomach. James fixed her makeup, then she put on the strappy heeled sandles from earlier. James put on a pair of khakis and a polo shirt with athletic socks and sneakers. After they thought everyone had left they took everything to the car, but as they passed Stacy's dressing room they heard Stacy moaning passionately inside. They laughed knowingly to themselves as they headed to the car.
After they were inside and everything was packed James turned to Ally and kissed her then said, "I have a surprise for you tonight."
"I can't wait baby," Ally replied.
When they got home they took everything back to Jamie's room then James handed Ally a babydoll nighty with matching panty.
"I want you to wear this tonight babe."
Ally went to the bathroom and took off her clothes and shoes, then she put on the babydoll and panty and looked at herself in the mirror.
"I am such a hot girl," she thought to herself.
When she left the bathroom James was lying in bed in his undershirt and boxers, and Ally noticed he had also put on a strap-on penis. Ally hesitated a bit at first but then smiled and walked over sexily to her boyfriend.
Ally climbed in bed and they began kissing passionately. As they kissed Ally began to stroke James' penis. After a while, Ally got bold and licked James' penis then slowly began sucking.
Then James said, "I'd like to fuck you if you're willing."
Ally paused at this, but then smiled and said, "Why not, tonight I'm the girl."
James grabbed some lube, then pulled down Ally's panties and took off her nightie tossing it aside.  He gently stuck a finger in her hole making sure she was comfortable. After doing this for a bit he stuck his penis in slowly then began to go harder and faster as Ally screamed out in pleasure.
When they were finished Ally pulled up her panties and lay in her boyfriend's arms as he kissed her softly on the lips. They fell asleep spooning as they thought of the experience they had that day.  Ally smiled as she drifted off feeling warm and safe in her boyfriend's embrace.
The next morning they woke up wrapped in a loving embrace.  They stared into each other's eyes and smiled.  Ally climbed out of bed and saw James' dress shirt on the couch.  She put it on and buttoned it up like she'd seen girls do in the movies.  James loved how sexy his girlfriend looked standing there in his dress shirt.  He got out of bed and they kissed passionately then went to the bathroom where they got undressed and took a shower together.  Not wanting the feeling to end they decided to spend the rest of the weekend as James and Ally.  They got dressed and planned their day out as they ate breakfast on the patio.  
They decided to spend the afternoon at the beach.  They laid out towels, a beach chair, and a cooler.  Ally took off her short shorts and tank top to reveal the bikini she wore the night before and James rubbed suntan lotion over her body.  They smiled to themselves when guys checked out Ally as she lie tanning.  Although she was uncomfortable at first, Ally eventually relaxed and was pleased at all the attention she was getting.   
That night James took her to dinner, where Ally ordered a salad and James ordered a steak, playing off their appearances, then headed for a movie.  Ally wore the little black dress from the night before and James wore the suit.  At the movie James put his arm around Ally and pulled her close.  Ally rested her head on James shoulder.  Soon they began to feel more comfortable and made out for the rest of the movie. No one gave them any strange looks as they walked around holding hands and sharing ice cream as a couple.
That night Ally decided to be a bit more daring so she wore a more revealing babydoll set that showed off her stomach.  She knew this would be their last night as James and Ally so she wanted to make it memorable.  She walked in the room where James laid in bed wearing only a t-shirt and was sporting a massive hard on and said in a purring voice, "Like what you see, baby?"
James eyes lit up as she did a sexy little dance and crawled over to him and kissed him passionately.  James grabbed her and rolled on top of her as she giggled and kicked her legs into the air.  James pulled off her panties as they made out then began to fuck her sexy butt as he grabbed her breasts with his hands and played with her nipples.  Ally screamed out in pleasure again feeling very sexy in the moment.  After climaxing James pulled her into his embrace and kissed her again.  They fell asleep in each other's arms.
The next morning they woke up early to change back to Allen and Jamie before Jamie's parents got home.  They stared into each other's eyes and kissed each other one last time.  They were reluctant to change back, but realized the experience was over and began their transformations back to Allen and Jamie.  Allen removed his makeup, nail polish, breasts, and untucked his penis while Jamie removed her chest binding, strap-on penis, and fake facial hair.  They took a shower together then stepped out and stared at their reflections in the mirror.  They were a bit sad to be back to their old selves, but were glad they were able to experience spending a weekend in each other's shoes.  Allen kissed Jamie and they smiled then got dressed for school.  
They came downstairs and grabbed a quick breakfast then left together for school.  At school everyone who had gone to the pageant complimented them on how good they and the other contestants looked that night.  A few of the cheerleaders even jokingly told Allen and Steven that they should join the squad when they saw some of the pictures that had been posted from the event.  Allen and Steven laughed at this, but admitted to themselves that Ally and Stacy did make hot cheerleaders.  They did dress up as cheerleaders again a couple months later, however, for a powder puff football game where girls played football and boys played cheerleaders, but this time not so convincingly as they did not do complete transformations and only wore the uniforms.  They did, however, dress up completely together a few times in private, and became good friends.  
Allen and Jamie continued dating and when prom came Allen knew from experience how Jamie must have felt when she was crowned prom queen. Unfortunately, Allen didn't win prom king. This time Steven the QB won, and Allen watched Steve and Jamie dance, admiring how beautiful she looked in her prom dress.
After high school they remained a couple through college and eventually got married and had three kids.
They occasionally dressed up as Ally and James again, together and alone, but never to the extent of that weekend.  They often look at the photos they took and look back on that weekend of fondness as they got to learn a little more about each other by experiencing playing the opposite sex.  They have thought about trying a role reversal wedding for their 10th anniversary, but that's another story.