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Sibling Rivalry: LeeAnn's Story 7
By RogerGirl

 I smile as I open my eyes and see Jason staring back at me.  Our naked bodies are pressed close together and I can feel his penis against my thigh.  I pull away as quickly as possible.  I don't want that thing anywhere near me.  He laughs and we share a kiss.  I get out of bed and go in the bathroom to get ready.  Today is the last full day of the cruise and I want to spend as much time with Jason as possible.  When I exit the bathroom wrapped in a towel, Jason is still lying in bed.  I get dressed in a cute summer dress that Nikki let me borrow and go to work on my makeup.  Jason comes over to me and tries to kiss me, but I push him away.  Can't he see I'm doing my makeup?

 He begins to get dressed as I finish getting ready.  As I put on my hoop earrings, I am interrupted by a knock at the door.  Jason opens it and Jeff is standing there once again.  He looks at Jason and I can sense the jealousy in his expression.  

"I think you better leave, dude," Jason says sternly, "She's my woman now."

"Oh yeah?" Jeff replies angrily, "I think you better back off.  She was my girlfriend first."

 They continue their squabbling and finally I can't take it anymore.  Why are men so primitive?  Yes, I know I'm a man and I include myself in that sentiment.  I admit I have been quite boorish in the past, but I hope to change that in the future.  If being a woman has taught me anything, it's that women don't like to be treated as objects.

"Enough!" I shout standing up, "I've had it with your fighting and your attitudes.  I thought you were both sweet, but it's clear you both just think of me as some kind of prize.  The truth is, if either of you want to be with me, then you better start acting like gentlemen.  Now I think you both better leave."

 They look at me in stunned silence before walking out.  I can still hear them arguing as I shut the door behind them.  I finish getting ready and stop by Nikki's cabin.  Surprisingly, she didn't spend the night with Chris and sent him away after a brief kiss at the door.  I really don't have anything to be worried about with her.  I tell her about the way Jeff and Jason argued over me and she tells me she is glad that she has a boyfriend that understands women.  I smile and ask her what I should do.  I like both of them, but at the same time they both get me so angry.

"Welcome to womanhood," she says, "The truth is, you need to be the dominant one.  It is up to you to take charge and control the situation."

 She was right.  Men might appear to be in control, but women have the power in the relationship.  I may not have been a woman for very long, but I have certainly learned a lot.  While men may be physically strong, women have a different kind of strength.  I thank Nikki for her advice and support through all of this and she tells me I better remember what I've learned when I go back to being a guy.  After everything that has happened this week, it will be hard not to.  

 We grab our things and head out to enjoy our final day on the ship.  Throughout the day, we are met by Jeff and Jason who try to one up each other to win me back.  It's clear they have not yet learned their lessons and their attempts are coming off as petty and childish.  What happened to the guys I had met before?  Jeff had demonstrated a romantic side those first few nights, and Jason came off as charming and chivalrous.  Was that all an act just to get me to like them?  Frustrated, Nikki and I get up and go to the spa.  A day in the spa is just what I need to relax and forget about these boys.  

 Maybe all I need is Nikki.  Not only has she been the perfect girlfriend, but she has been amazingly supportive through all of this.  She has had countless opportunities to let me down and has proven herself loyal every single time.  She is the best friend a girl could ask for.  Do I really need a man?  I'm a strong, independent woman.  Maybe tonight should just be a girl's night out with my best friend.  I tell her my plan and she agrees.  

 We head back to our cabins and dress in our classiest dresses.  Tonight isn't about being sexy, it's about having fun.  Still, Nikki looks gorgeous no matter what she wears.  After meeting our families for dinner, we meet up and go to a show together in the ship's theater.  After the show we go to the bar for a few drinks, then finish the night dancing with each other at the club.  A lot of guys try to hit on us, but we make it clear that we aren't interested.  

 After a night of dancing, we head back to my cabin.  We both take off our heels and sit down to relax.  As we sit talking and sipping champagne we had sent to our room, Nikki leans in and kisses me softly on the lips.  She breaks the kiss and stares at me.  I have to admit I am a little surprised.  That was the first time she's kissed me as LeeAnn.  Finally, she speaks up.

"I love you," she says, "I love you as Lee and I love you as LeeAnn.  Over the past few days you've proven yourself a better man than any man I've ever been with and a strong and confident woman.  I don't know what will happen when the cruise is over, but I will love you no matter what."

 I light up and we begin to kiss with passion.  It isn't a sexual kiss, but the kiss of two people who are deeply in love.  We break the kiss and smile at each other.  We had both started the week feeling alone and out of place and in the end we found each other.  What started as a relationship based purely on physical attraction had developed into something deeper.  In learning to become a woman, I found a strength and confidence I never had.  It may have taken betrayal and heartbreak, but I emerged from it ready to take on the world.  In helping me find this confidence, Nikki learned that love knows no boundaries.  

 We change out of our dresses and into our nightgowns.  As we get into bed, we kiss each other softly once again and fall asleep holding each other close.  I don't know what has become of Jeff and Jason, but I no longer care.  I have found the person I am meant to be with and that's all that matters.    
It is now the final day of the cruise, and LeeAnn has evolved into a strong, confident, and sexy woman.  She now holds all the cards as Jeff and Jason compete for her affections.  Who will she end up choosing?
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January 17, 2014
Mature Content


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